Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Morning

Mom had a good night and slept well.  Her blood pressure and oxygen levels are all within normal ranges this morning.

She really enjoys checking her emails from friends and family.  This is such a good way for her to communicate, especially this week while she is on voice rest.  We encourage you to share this blog site with your extended family and friends to send your best wishes.

Personal messages can be directed to her email address at
mbbickford (at) sbcglobal (dot) net 

Tomorrow, she will be having her PET scan in the morning.  This is a non-invasive diagnostic test that will  help the doctors rule out any other issues she might have.

Mom checking emails and her blog Wednesday morning, Nov 10th
  We thank all of you for your warm thoughts of love and support,



  1. Hi mom,

    Glad you had a good night. The leaves are falling here in Nashville. Nice temp and a sunny sky make for a good time to finish planting those pansies I bought a few weeks ago... I'll be thinking of you while playing in the dirt.

    Love and Hugs,

    Mary Ellen

  2. Hi Grandma,

    Glad your home and feeling well. I love you and think about you often!


    Mary Frances

  3. Hi Mary Ellen, Thank you for the love and hugs. I am glad you are planting panies. They are so pretty. Love you, Mom

  4. Hi Mary Frances, Nice to hear from you I love you and know you are all thinking good thoughts for me.Love Grandma

  5. Hi Grandma, Love your blog! It's nice to see how you are doing and how much you are loved. I wish I could be with you, nice to know your in good hands. Lots of prayers your way. I love you.

  6. Thank you Lorene. I love you too. Grandma

  7. Hi Lorene, Thank you for your love and prayers. I love you too Grandma

  8. Hi Aunt Mary, It's Maureen. Aunt Martha just sent me an email and a link to your blog. I will be sure to pass it along to everyone else. I was in Napa visiting Mom on Sunday and she has been keeping me informed. Michael and I will be driving up north this weekend to enjoy the Fall weather and changing colors of the grapevines and trees. We will stop by to see you (and Mom of course). Not sure if it will be Saturday or Sunday, but I will send you an email and let you know since you aren't suppose to talk. Wishing you the best and based on the pictures, you look awesome. Like Pattie said, you are a trooper. I love you, XOXO, Maureen

  9. Pattie, thank you for setting this up and sharing. It's so cool how your mom loves the computer!!!XO

  10. Hi Mary. I wrote you a long a-mail this morning so I do not have anything to add. I just wanted to see if I am set up to post a note for you.