Sunday, November 28, 2010

We count our blessings

At this close of the Thanksgiving weekend, we again would like to thank all of you for your outpouring of support and encouragement.  So many wonderful comments, cards, emails and recipes have been sent Mom's way!

The past several days have been spent "blanketing" Mary Bickford with love.  Many of her family were in town for holiday visits.  Beckworth Drive has looked like a Used Car Lot as Aunt Marge jokingly mentioned when she stopped by earlier today!

This coming week will be busy for us, with several doctor's appointments.  I will keep everyone updated as we continue to gather opinions.

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!


  1. Katie...I wish we could have been there! Sounds like you all had fun! Wouldn't be neat to get all of the grandkids together at one time? I don't think it has happened! Give Grams hugs and kisses for us! Travel safe back home!

  2. Hi Grandma,
    I hope you've been able to relax a little now that we are all out of the house. We had a great time in Napa...I can't believe the boys have never been there for Thanksgiving. They said it was fun to be there with everyone. (I think they really liked laughing at me in your dresses - gonna work on the arms this week!)

    Love you!

  3. Good post! Best wishes for good outcomes at all your Dr. visits. This must be exhausting for you Mary. I like your little side note, asking people to come for visits as healthy as possible. Good point.
    Much love and best wishes from Lore