Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What We Know

Hi Everyone,

Just to bring everyone up to speed:

Monday, October 18th:   First visit with Dr. Benjamin Jewell.    Mom had an irritation and soreness in her throat that had been bothering her for a few weeks.   Dr. Jewell felt that she should see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and was referred to Dr. Healey’s office.  Dr. Healey has a busy office and has just recently added a new ENT to her clinic, Dr. Joyce Colton House.

Wednesday, October 27thMom had her first visit with Dr. Joyce Colton, who performed a scope.  At this first visit she saw enough inflammation and recommended a CT Scan. 

Friday, October 29th: CT Scan.  From this scan and the scope on October 27th, Dr. Colton feels that Mom most likely has a cancerous mass in the area of her vocal chords.

Tuesday, November 9th :  Scheduled biopsy for a more definitive diagnosis. 

More updates as soon as I get them.

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