Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shhhhhhh ..... lower your voice!

It sure has been cold here in Napa this past week, low 30's at night and low 40's during the day.  Each day, Mom bundles up warmly before going to radiation.  She has completed three of the seven weeks of treatment - and so far has remained strong and healthy!

This weekend, she is relaxing ..... watching NFL playoffs, mending clothes and working on her HEART pins.

Saturday, January 8th
 We are observing a consistent pattern in how she is responding to the treatments.  After three cycles (weeks) of treatment, she now knows what she can expect each day.  On Thursdays ..... she knows she will feel better on Saturday.  On Mondays .... she knows she will have a couple of days of "euphoric" energy.  Pacing this energy is important so that she doesn't become too tired on Thursday.  We should have it completely figured out by the seventh week!!

I'd like to share an interesting piece of information we received from Dr. Knister last Tuesday.  Since Mom is being treated at her vocal cord area, it is important for her to not "over use" her voice.  She has become hoarse from the treatment - which is expected and is normal.  Her voice will return after completion of radiation.  Until then, she should not raise her voice - an instinctive response when you are hoarse. We try to increase the volume to compensate for the hoarseness.  SHE SHOULD NOT DO THIS.   If she does continue to raise her voice, she will develop calluses on her vocal cords, which will remain post-treatment, causing the integrity of her returning voice to be diminished.

So ..... if you are talking with her ..... and cannot hear her, please remind her to just listen and rest her voice. Or say, "Shhhhhh, lower your voice!"

Have a great weekend,

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  1. Hi Mom,

    Sending you love and hugs from Nashville!

    Mary Ellen and Don