Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are into the third week of treatment and Mom is doing really great.  Today was her lo-o-o-ong day.  On Tuesdays she has both radiation and chemotherapy, so we are out for almost six hours.

Her day began today with a warm, relaxing shower - followed by a nice visit from her friend, Mary Donohoe.  Mary was kind enough to bring her the Eucharist.  It hasn't been ideal for Mom to attend Mass in recent weeks, which she has dearly missed.  So it really was great that Mary brought Communion to her today.  She is hoping to go to Mass this Sunday.  The forecast looks good and so long as her strength holds up ..... that's the plan!

After Mary's visit, we had to leave for the Queen and radiation.  We have weekly meetings with the radiation oncologist and today was the day to talk with Dr. Knister.  He reviews with Mom how she is responding to the treatment, helping her to deal with any negative symptoms she might be experiencing.  He is incredibly compassionate as well as empathetic to how she is feeling.  It is quite obvious that he truly LISTENS to his patients and responds accordingly.

After this, we went across the driveway - literally - to Redwood Regional Medical Group, the chemotherapy facility for her weekly infusion.  Today her attending nurse was Mary, the same nurse that provided us with the "chemo teaching".  Consistent with every single medical professional we have encountered, Mary was absolutely wonderful to Mom today!

Keeping her hands busy while resting comfortably
Let's hope the remainder of the week progresses as smoothly as the first half!


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  1. Grams...so glad to hear that you are hanging in there strong! Another week done! Pattie...thank you for the continual updates! The weather here has been cold and sunny...a definite improvement to the constant rain. Work is finally slowing down, we are in a slow period between now and Valentine's Day. We are anxiously waiting for the baby, she should be here any day now! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Love you Grams.