Thursday, February 10, 2011

Final Treatments

We met with Dr. Mirda this morning.  Her lab work looks great and he concurred with the other physicians that she should finish off the last of her treatments.  And so, today and tomorrow she will complete her 34th and 35th radiation fractions.  Tomorrow will also be her final chemotherapy infusion.

By early afternoon tomorrow she will have successfully reached the end of treatment!!!!!

Dr. Mirda stated again how pleased he was with how well she has responded to all of her treatment.  Her labs, skin and general health have remained amazingly strong for a women her age.

We will soon be headed out for radiation.

Strongest Woman on Earth!


  1. Hi Grandma!
    Happy last two days of treatment!!! What a huge accomplishment that is. I am so proud of you and totally inspired by your strength. I have shared your story with one of my teachers who went through similar treatments a couple of years ago (we just celebrated her one year anniversary of being cancer-free!) and she is in awe of the fact that you have done both chemo and radiation at the same time! I just smiled and told her, "You don't know my Grandma...she's a tough lady!"

    I know tomorrow will be an exhausting day - but celebrate a little after you're done!

    Love you,
    :) Kim

  2. Hi Grams,

    I am so glad this is almost over for you! Hope the day goes well....

    Mary Frances