Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day Three

We have almost reached the 48 hour mark following surgery.  Mom is doing FANTASTIC.  The doctors feel she is progressing right on schedule.  Pretty amazing for an 84 year old, no?

She had a restful nights sleep and woke about 6:30am.  Respiratory therapists have been giving her breathing treatments every few hours to keep her lungs clear and comfortable.  About 9:00am she was moved out of bed into a chair. 

Dr. Ryan stopped by to check on her and he removed the tracheastomy tube.  Now her neck is clear and she just has an HME (Heat/Moisture Exchange) laying next to her stoma.  This HME is like an oxygen mask, but it's purpose is to provide humidification and moisture to her lungs.

This is such a life altering experience and yet her spirits are high.  She is showing determination in her desire to learn about the care and use of her stoma.  She has been writing all day on her Boogie Board with questions and comments.

At the present moment, she is working with a physical therapist - getting her upper body muscles moving.  A part of the surgical procedure was to take some of the pectoral muscle from her left breast to reconstruct the upper portion of her esophagus and neck.  This incision has been painful for her when moving her left arm and shoulder.  Physical therapy will help this.

I will post again later after she has been moved out of ICU and into a regular room.

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