Thursday, July 7, 2011

Complication Identified

I mentioned earlier that Mom has had some anticipated "bumps in the road".  One of these bumps has been identified as a "leak" in the area of her restructured esophagus.  This most likely occurred while she was having trouble digesting her nutrition through the feeding tube.

Because Mom had prior radiation treatment, there was an increased risk this could happen as the burned and scarred tissues can be slow to heal.  In most cases, no intervention is needed except to treat with antibiotics.  The "leak" should heal on its own.  They will monitor this closely.  This will extend her hospital stay by approximately one week.

Other than this complication, Mom has been working very hard with the respiratory therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists - trying to get herself strong again.  Next up, speech therapy!

It's like a revolving door here in her room.  By the time she is just about finished with one therapist, there is another waiting outside her door for their turn with her!  She has been a real trooper through it all.

I know she will continue to persevere and overcome this latest obstacle.  Keep the prayers coming!



  1. Thank you so much Pattie for these posts. You and Margaret are the most amazing people. I'm so proud to be part of this family. I'm home back in Nashville, and you help me stay close with the notes and pictures.

    I am with you mom! Always - love and hugs,

    Mary Ellen

  2. Hang in there grams!! You will be back in your chair watching the race in no time! I love you!

    Mary frances