Friday, July 8, 2011

The Good Day Continues

Thursday was a very good day for Mom.  She seemed to be more alert and chose to participate more in what was happening around her.  In the afternoon, she and Margaret even played a few hands of Rummy after reading the newspaper.

Mom reading the daily newspaper (Thursday 7/7/11 afternoon)

Mary Ellen sent me some photos that were taken during the days preceding Mom's surgery.  Here is an assortment of family gatherings held at the end of June.

Mom, surrounded by 5 of us (Monday evening at St. Rose 6/27)

David Bennett showing Mom a digital recorder they used the weekend before surgery to record Mom's conversations

Mom, surrounded by Cathy and my children and some great-grandchildren

Family happenings..... weekend of 6/25

A visit from big sister, Jean

Thanks Mary Ellen for the photos!!

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  1. So glad to hear it. Keep it going in the right direction. Much love, Lore