Monday, July 4, 2011

***** Happy 4th of July *****

Mom is up in her chair this morning.  She has had a visit from Dr. Cheng, Dr. Pross and Dr. Goldberg, who feels she is doing excellent despite a few anticipated bumps along her road of recovery.

These "bumps" are issues such as dry mucous, low blood pressure, lack of tolerance to her nutritional feeding and some added fluid in her chest cavity.  Her left shoulder has also been very sore.  Today's labs and chest x-rays show improvement from her prior daily tests.

Our goal today is to have her spend the day as close to her normal routine as possible.  This will mean sitting up for long periods, taking short walks around the ward and doing some physical therapy.

I will post up some photos of her later.

Happy 4th!


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  1. Hi grams!
    Happy 4th!! Were you able to see the fire works out your window?? The girls and I went and spent the day at the lake then watched the fireworks. They were amazing as usual. Back to work tomorrow. I am very glad you are progressing nicely! We love you lots!

    Love, mary frances

    Thank you patti, margaret, mary ellen and mom!