Monday, July 11, 2011

Morning Gardening .....

When Mom got up this morning, the first thing she asked for was for me to go out to the nurses station and bring her the bouquet of roses she had given them on Saturday.  She wanted to freshen up the arrangement for them!

When you look at these pictures of her, keep in mind that her head and neck areas are still quite swollen from the surgery two weeks ago.  We notice it to be diminishing daily.  Her mouth is still sore, so she is not yet wearing her dentures.

The general surgeons as well as the ENT doctors have been in this morning.  All is going well.  Her feeding tube accidentally "popped" out yesterday afternoon.  This actually was a GOOD thing.  Because it came out on its own, the decision was made for the doctors!  Sometime today, they plan to put in a NEW PEG TUBE - Hooray!!!!  They expect to insert this into the same hole as the old one.  The procedure should be painless and easy for Mom.

It's a very foggy day here in the City.  We are sitting here peacefully, reading the newspaper and looking out at the skyline.

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  1. That is amazing, Mary freshening up the arrangement of roses. Keep on going in the right direction Mary. Love, Lore