Saturday, July 9, 2011

Picture Day!

After the doctor visits earlier today, Mom got cleaned up.  Since they washed her hair also, I took advantage of the opportunity and got some curlers in her hair :)  

This afternoon, Tom and his family came down for a visit, as well as Sr. Anne.  With her hair all styled and lipstick on - we decided to play with the Ipad and shoot some pictures!

Check out the lovely scarf Sr. Anne brought to her!

Mom and Tom, teaching her texting short cuts

We are all trying to cram in while Mom takes the picture

Thank You Tyler!

Mom, Margaret, Tom and I
Mom and I

I got the "Thumbs Up" for doing her hair

I think we wore her out

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  1. Thanks for helping me feel like I got to visit with mom while far away in Nashville... So much better than last week - every day - on the mend. Great job you guys...

    I love my family!