Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr. Ryan is back

On Tuesday, Mom had her first follow-up visit with Dr. Ryan after his return from vacation.  The appointment was to check the fistula and see how she was doing in general.  She had a nice visit with him.  He was pleased with her progress, despite the minor set back of the leak.

He advised her to be patient for the healing to occur.  Her dosage for the thyroid has been increased again.  Hopefully this will aid in her healing process as well.

She can begin physical therapy when she feels ready.  She will resume with the P.T.'s at Synergy and we will continue to go down to UCSF for bi-weekly check-ups with Dr. Ryan.

Dr. Ryan and Mom, Tuesday 9/13
Today, she is playing bridge at Mrs. Kerr's house here in Napa.  This is the second time this week she has gone "out" for bridge.  Today is her Thursday group.  It's just wonderful that Mom is well enough to do this again!!

Last weekend, she began working on her pins for upcoming holidays.  Halloween is next - so we can expect pumpkin pins!!

Making pumpkin pins and watching Nascar

Another thing Mom is getting good at is talking on the telephone.  She is able to initiate outgoing calls utilizing her computer and a speaker phone.  She is becoming quite adept at using a program called Etriloquist.  It is a text to speech program that translates words she types into the computer - to speech.

So if you get a call ..... the voice may not sound like Mom .... but she will identify herself by saying "Hi, this is Mary!"

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  1. Absolutely marvelous. It was fun playing bridge with you. You are doing remarkably well.