Monday, December 6, 2010

A Busy Week

This week will be another busy week for Mom.  So far, we are scheduled for 4 doctors appointments.  Today was with her primary care physician, Dr. Jewell.

The office lights were a bit bright for my phone camera,
but this is Mom with her young Dr. Jewell.
He has been awesome with Mom the last several years!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, we meet with Dr. Mirda and Dr. Freeto.  Dr. Freeto is a new doctor for Mom.  He will be the Gastroenterologist that will put in the PEG tube (feeding tube).  This tube is being put in as a precautionary measure, just in case we get into a situation where she is unable to maintain proper nutrition.

Wednesday is clear!

Thursday is a dental appointment with Dr. Dittman and her weekly hair appointment with Lisa.

Friday we go for the radiation simulation at the Queen of the Valley Cancer Center.  They will be fitting Mom with a mesh mask that will be used daily for her radiation treatments.  Dr. Knister will review with us more information specifically related to Mom's radiation process.

Monday, 12/13 - we meet with Dr. Klingman.  He is the surgeon that will insert the port for the chemotherapy.

Whew.....!  We are definitely wearing a path on the newly paved roads between Beckworth Drive and Trancas.

Margaret has left for a day of business meetings in San Francisco and will return on Wednesday.  She has been here continuously since she arrived on November 7th!

Despite our battle with cancer, we find ways to have fun with Mom
....... as the Warden turns over her charge to the younger sister!


  1. Thanks again and again for keeping us posted!

    I love our family!!

  2. The first picture is a bit fuzzy, but Dr. Jewell is kinda cute! Grandma, get the 411.
    Love you!!!!!