Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three down, three to go

We met with two doctors today - Dr. Mirda, Mom's oncologist and a new doctor - Dr. Freeto, the gastroenterologist.

The appointment with Mirda was just to confirm that we had chosen to go ahead with treatment here in Napa and bring him up to speed with our scheduled appointments with the other physicians.  We also met his nurse Oola, who was very, very kind to Mom.

Mom and Dr. Mirda

We met Dr. Freeto for the first time today.  He is an interesting character, a bit more "fun" than the others!  He and Dr. Klingman are buddies and he told us that he would consult with him on the schedule for the feeding tube and port so that both procedures could occur at close to the same time to make things easier on Mom.  Tentatively, the plan is for Mom to go to the Queen on Tuesday.  Freeto will put the feeding tube in and later that day or Wednesday morning, Klingman would put the chemo port in.  Dr. Freeto said that he likes to keep his patients overnight after having this procedure done.

We have the day off tomorrow! ....... well, kind of ........  She has to have labwork done  :(

I shall report back Friday, following the dental appointment Thursday and radiation simulation on Friday.


P.S. Just a reminder to anyone who still needs to get their flu shots.  The County Health Department will be administering them at the Senior Center this Friday!

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