Friday, December 10, 2010


After many, many appointments this week - we are definitely glad it is Friday evening! 

Today Mom had the radiation simulation which was really quite interesting.  They put a plastic mesh board over her face and shoulders.  This was heated up and slowly formed around her features.  As it cooled, it hardened to make an exact mold of her face.  This mold will be used daily for her radiation treatments.  They allowed Margaret and I to watch the process.  Laurie was the technician working with Mom and she was absolutely wonderful!

Laurie explaining to Mom what was happening

Debbie, Cara and Marianne are the nurses that will be attending to Mom each day at the Cancer Center.  They have all been so kind.  Here is Mom with Marianne.  She has been a good friend to Mom for several years.
Mom and Marianne (note the pin!)

After leaving the Cancer Center, we went straight to the dentist to pick up an oral device that Mom will use at night to help protect her teeth.  They expect the radiation to reduce her normal saliva.

By the time we returned back to the house, it was close to our scheduled appointment with the nutritionist from Apria.  Her name is Cara also and was so informative.  Apria will be providing all of the needed supplies and equipment for the feeding tube. 

I feel like I repeat myself so frequently when I tell all of you how wonderful these professionals are that are apart of Mom's new medical team!  Cara is another great addition to this group.

Cara (from Apria) at Mom's house this afternoon with Mom

The schedule for next week will be busy as well...

Monday we meet with Dr. Klingman regarding the chemotherapy port.

Tuesday, Mom will be admitted to the Queen for an overnight stay.  They will put in both the feeding tube and the port.  She is scheduled to come home on Wednesday.

Thursday we will meet again with Cara from Apria to review our instructions for using the feeding tube.

The following Monday, 12/20 we will be attending a Chemotherapy Teaching class to learn all about that type of treatment.

The show should finally get underway on Tuesday, 12/21!!

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend,


  1. Thank you for sharing photos and information regarding dear Mary's upcoming procedures.
    I see all the health professionals are rooting for her. Who wouldn't?
    Many prayers coming your way.
    Special hugs,

  2. Hey Grams...what a busy week you have had! I have not been here for a couple of days and it seems like I missed a month! I am so glad that you are surrounded by such kind and caring professionals. They will soon love you like we do! I am so proud of your courage, strength and positive attitude! This family is full of strong women who have set amazing examples for all of us to admire! And you lead the way! I love you and think about you every day!
    PS - Pattie...thank you for helping keep us connected to what is happening!