Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Back home!

Mom came through her procedures very well.  Doctors Freeto and Klingman were able to complete both the port and the PEG tube at the same time yesterday morning.  This meant she only had to be sedated once, making her recovery much easier.

She spent the afternoon resting in her room on One South at the Queen.  Her nurses Lisa and Christina were wonderful to her.  There are now many new owners of Christmas pins at the hospital!  Though no one likes having to go into the hospital ..... it is fun for us to see the staff wearing Mom's pins proudly.

The Bard Power Port doesn't seem to be bothering her too much, but the PEG tube will take some getting used to.  Being located right in the center of her abdomen makes moving around quite uncomfortable.  They told us it might be a week before this passes.  The good news is that we now can be assured that Mom will be getting her needed daily nutrition.  She will continue to eat as much as she can orally, but will be supplemented by way of the PEG. 

Even with this pain, she knew how important it was for her to stay tough and keep moving!

Margaret and Mom walking laps around the ward


  1. Grams...another step toward the end! Stay strong...I am so proud of you! Continue to be determined...continue to keep the end result in your mind! My thoughts and prayers are with you daily! Love you.

  2. Holding good thoughts for you mom. Sending hugs and love from Nashville.

  3. Grandma, So glad both procedures went well! Went and enjoyed Brooke's Christmas program today. Her and her class sang so beautifully! Jessica made Christmas cookies last night and gave them to her teachers today. They will be on Christmas vacation starting tomorrow and I am also on vacation. I think of you every day and am SO proud of you!I love you

    Mary Frances

  4. Mary,

    So glad things are progressing well. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and real glad to see that you are in good hands. Lots of love from the Long Beach Weber's - Paula, Vicente and Judy!!!!!

  5. Hi Mary - just wanted to say that we are continuing to add you to our daily prayers and light candles for you at Mass.

    Lots of love coming from WA - healing wishes - and have a blessed Christmas!
    Love and hugs