Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Treatment has begun!

Mom began her treatment yesterday, starting with radiation.  Today we again had a session of radiation and are amidst the first treatment of chemotherapy.

She will follow a regular routine of daily radiation of about 35 visits and weekly chemotherapy of 5 visits.  Currently radiation will be at 2:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.  Chemotherapy will take place on Tuesday mornings.  Since she is having concurrent treatment, her schedule on chemo days may be adjusted slightly.

Even though the days following the port and PEG tube were difficult, we can now see how they are really paying off.  This first session of chemo started very smoothly as accessing her fragile veins was a breeze through the port!  Mom has even put back on some of the weight she has lost - Margaret and I have been pumping nutrition into her through the PEG tube.  She continues to eat normally when she likes, but we can be assured of her nutrition now.

Mom sends her love and Christmas wishes to you all!



  1. Mom, you are everywhere I look in my Christmas decorated house. I love you.

  2. Grams...my thoughts and prayers are with you daily! I will continue to wish for your trouble free treatment and full recovery! I am so glad that Pattie and Margaret are taking such good care of you...I know it helps Mom get thru - knowing that they are right beside you! And the updates here help us to feel closer to you! I hope that ALL of you have a Holiday full of family & friends...Hugs & Kisses! Terry

  3. Mary, we wish you well for the duration of your treatments. It sounds though, that you are in good hands at home and with your treatments.
    Enjoy the Holidays, put up your feet and allow yourself to be pampered. Love, John and Lore