Friday, January 28, 2011

Another week completed!

Mom has finished her sixth week - the countdown is left with:

6 radiation, 2 chemo

She has had a pretty good week.  The ointment the doctor prescribed for the radiation burn (Silvadene) seems to be providing her some relief.  I would like to think it looks worse than it feels....but I know that's not true.  Mom never complains - she has been so tough during all of this.

The chemotherapy really impacts her white and red blood cells.  They draw blood each week before her infusion to check the levels.  This week, they felt her red blood cells were too low - so she had a transfusion yesterday.  This should give her a boost, helping with her fatigue and energy.  Once again, we met a new group of wonderful medical professionals - this time the group of nurses at the Same Day Surgery Center at the Queen.
Mom and Marjorie, yesterday - following her blood transfusion
We are looking forward to a weekend visit with Sr. Anne.  It's hard to believe that January is almost over.  February 8th will be here before we know it - that is the last scheduled day of treatment!

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Grams...
    Your strength is inspiring! You set the example for all of us! I am so happy that it is almost over! I hope that the end comes fast...and that the side effects don't get worse. I am looking forward to coming down to see you once you get thru this...I can't wait for you to see Aubrey - she is adorable! I spent this week travelling, away from her for 5 whole was horrible! I am spoiled with them being so close! Hugs & kisses to you.

  2. Grandma Mary, you are looking so well. We are all very happy to see how well you look and how strong and tough you are. Its so good to hear that you are almost finished with the treatments. Its also so wonderful to hear how well you are being cared for by everyone including your wonderful daughters who have not left your side. So once again, warm thoughts and well wishes from the Weber's in Long Beach....
    Love, Paula, Judy and Vicente

  3. Hi Grandma,
    We are so glad you are down to the final treatments. Mom is bragging about you during her visit this week...telling us how strong you are and that you never complain. I have a cold and I'm being such a wimp - so now I will stop complaining and be tough like you! :)

    Looking forward to a visit when the wardens let us!
    Love you,