Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you believe it? Treatment - week #7

Happy Monday to Everyone!

We met with Dr. Mirda this morning to review Mom's tolerance of the chemotherapy.  He was very pleased with today's lab results.  The blood transfusion from last week eliminated the anemia and all other categories looked great.  He does not expect her to need another blood transfusion and feels she will do well with the final two chemo treatments.

He said she was handling this better than Michael Douglas!  Well, of course she is - she is Mary Bickford!

Mom got a lot of rest this weekend.  Saturdays and Sundays are great days for her body to recover from the weekday treatments.  She enjoyed her visit with Sr. Anne, who came up from the city on Saturday for an overnight stay.

We hope you all have a very good week!


  1. Hi Grandma,

    I am so glad your almost done! I think about you every day and miss you lots!!

    mary frances

  2. Hi Grandma,
    It's February! I can finally wear the heart pin. I hope your treatments went well today - I know Tuesdays are your long day. Only 1 more chemo and your down to one hand for radiation!! YIPPEEE!!!!

    Stay strong and positive!
    Love you,