Friday, February 4, 2011

A Brief Respite

Happy Friday to Everyone,

Mom's radiation treatment for today has been postponed until next week.  Her skin has become so burned from the treatments, Dr. Knister wanted to give her a break for an extra few days.  She will not have treatment today or Monday.  We are scheduled to go in Tuesday morning before chemotherapy.  The doctor will check her again and make a decision as to whether they should give her a treatment or postpone another day.

So ...... unfortunately this will prolong things by at least two more days.  But it's good that she will have a long four day weekend to allow her skin to heal a bit and also give her body a chance to rest.  Dr. Knister assures us this will not have a negative impact on the success of her overall treatment plan.

Not long before Mom began her treatment, the Cancer Center at the Queen had a very important piece of equipment installed.  This photo below is from a recent article showcasing this equipment and the staff.

The outstanding group of individuals providing treatment to Mom daily
(click to enlarge)
 We hope all of you have a great weekend!  Go Packers!?!?!?!?!  Go Steelers!?!?!?!?!


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  1. Grandma,
    Hello and well wishes from NC.

    We saw Aunt Margaret today at Dad & Carol's and she filled us in on your treatments. I am happy to hear you are making such great progress. She said you are handling it with the same courage and grace you have shown us through the years.

    We are all thinking of you here in NC.
    All the best,
    Love you,
    John Jr.