Monday, February 7, 2011

Setbacks are no fun ....

Dear everyone,

Mom started out having a reasonably restful weekend - considering she got a break from radiation on Friday and was looking forward to a 4-day weekend.  Saturday, we got her hair done, got some clothing alterations finished and watched the movie "Secretariat".

Unfortunately, Saturday night/Sunday morning wasn't as kind to her.  She struggled throughout the night with excess saliva and mucus ..... and was unable to get a good, restful sleep.  By mid-day on Sunday, I knew something wasn't quite right.  After double checking her blood pressure, which turned out to be too low - I took her over to the Queen to be checked out.

A chest x-ray showed that she has a case of early-stage-pneumonia.  They put her on antibiotics and admitted her for the night.  Her temperature was 101 upon arrival and as of this posting, is down to normal.  We will know more in the morning, after her oncologists see her.

Most of you probably know .... a trip to the ER on a weekend can be NO FUN.  Even so, it was what needed to be done and we are glad we came so they were able to catch this bug early.  Naturally, Mom knew the attending nurse on duty in the ER - Katie Dykes, a classmate of Tom's!  The aide that brought Mom to her room, Elsa - was a student Mom had tutored many years ago.  How wonderful is that?!

While sitting in the ER, waiting, waiting..... she kept asking for updates on the Super Bowl.  Of course she had multiple "squares" in more than one Pool.  And of course, she won a quarter in both pools!!!  That certainly put a bright smile on her face on an otherwise DISMAL day.  I think her take home for the day was somewhere around $175.00!!

I will post more details for everyone tomorrow morning after visits with the doctors.

Please keep this wonderful woman in your prayers.


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