Monday, February 7, 2011

Responding well!

Hello everyone -

Even though Mom does have pneumonia, she is responding very well to the antibiotics.  Her blood pressure AND temperature has been consistently normal.  We saw several doctors today; most importantly Dr. Manubens, her cardiologist and Dr. Dugan, standing in for Dr. Mirda - her oncologist.

Dr. Dugan gave orders for her to have an injection this afternoon of Neupogen that should return her white blood cell count and Neutrophils to a more acceptable range.  They will check her lab work tomorrow to be sure this does it's job.  If it has, she will be sent home!

As of right now, we do not know exactly what the plans will be for any future radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  I anticipate we will see Dr. Knister sometime early tomorrow (he was working in Vallejo today).  Dr. Mirda will be back in his office on Thursday.  Continued treatment options will be decided after consultations with both of these oncologists.

It is very encouraging to see Mom respond so quickly to the antibiotics.  Combined with medicine and all your prayers, Mom is definitely on the road to recovering from this setback.

I will update tomorrow as we get more information.  Let's hope I will be posting from Beckworth Drive instead of Queen of the Valley.

Love to all,


  1. Thanks for the updates, Pattie! I know that Grandma will do everything she is told to do so that her stay at the Queen is as short as possible. I'm glad she is responding to the antibiotics and that all of the doctors have been able to check in on her.

    Grandma's luck was a little contagious...I won one square yesterday...first time ever! If only the game had ended in the 3rd quarter - I would have won $400 - but $100 was a good day for me.

    Tell Grandma she's in our thoughts!
    Love, Kim

  2. I know in my heart that this is just a temporary setback! Pattie...thank you for keeping us posted...I know you are doing alot right now! It certainly helps me feel involved, even though we can't all be there! This family is so full of strong women! Tell Grams she is in our thoughts and prayers every day! And please...let me know if there is anything we can do for you and/or Margaret from afar...??! Love to all...