Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Back Home!

Mom was released from the Queen about 10:00 am this morning.  At the moment, she is napping in her recliner.  I know that she is VERY GLAD to be back in her own home!

Three doctors stopped into her hospital room early this morning to check on her.  First, Dr. Jewell - her primary care physician.  Mom had not seen him since just after her initial diagnosis.  It was good to go over things with him and have him answer our questions.

Dr. Knister poked his head in next.  He was pleased to see her progressing on the antibiotics and assured us this often happens to cancer patients undergoing concurrent treatments.  He strongly supports her finishing those last two radiation fractions and would like to see her have these on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Dr. Dugan, standing in for Dr. Mirda came in about 9:00 am.  He informed us that the Neupogen shot yesterday had done its job!  Her white blood count had tripled in 24 hours.  He prescribed one more shot to be given before we left and wrote a prescription for the antibiotic to be continued for seven more days.  He scheduled us for a blood draw and office visit with Dr. Mirda on Thursday morning.

So........ the schedule for the week is TENTATIVELY as follows:

  • Today:  REST
  • Wednesday:  REST
  • Thursday morning:  Blood draw and office visit with Dr. Mirda to discuss her blood count levels and provide his opinion on completion or discontinuing the final treatments.
  • Thursday afternoon:  Radiation treatment #34
  • Friday morning:  FINAL Radiation treatment #35
  • Friday mid-morning:  FINAL chemotherapy infusion

Mom and I are soooooo looking forward to a quiet evening AT HOME and a good night's sleep in our own beds!

Thank you for all the prayers,

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  1. Hi Grandma,
    SOOOO glad you are home. I really hope you can rest the next two days and then finish up the treatments this week. We'll have to have some type of Valentines Day celebration when you are done.

    Thanks again, Pattie, for the updates.

    Love, Kim