Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Healing Phase

We are midway through the week following the completion of all treatments.  Her body now has a chance to recuperate from all the trauma it was subjected to over the past two months.  It is so encouraging to see the changes in her skin.  The burn definitely is better and we assume the same healing is occurring on the inside too!

Today she has had visits from two of her friends.  First, Joyce Brown stopped in for a quick visit so that she could report to the Thursday Bridge Group on how she was doing.  The group meets tomorrow for their monthly game.  Hopefully by next month, Mom will be back in attendance!

Soon afterwards, Rae Williams came over from Santa Rosa.  She has been a friend of Mom's for 50 years - she was our neighbor from across the street for a long, long time.  How nice it is for Mom to have these visits from friends - thank you to all of you!

From the day she was first told that she had a cancerous tumor on her vocal cord, Mom has maintained a positive attitude.  Her strength and resolve has been an inspiration to everyone.  She has endured the past several weeks with dignity and courage.  Never once has she complained.
She is our hero!


  1. So glad you have moved into the healing stage. I know each day will be better. Our continued thanks to all your helpers and sending love and prayers from Don and Mary Ellen.

  2. My what a testimonial. It cannot get any better. Yes Mary, I can feel it in my bones, you are on the way to being your sweet self again.
    Love and positive thoughts from John and Lore