Monday, February 21, 2011

Almost No Radiation Burn Remaining!

Mom had a restful President's weekend.  Her neck is looking fantastic!

It is so amazing to see how quickly her skin is restoring itself.  I would have never guessed it would heal so fast!  There are just two small spots that are still open and painful.  Maybe by the end of the week ..... we can stop slathering her with the Silvadene.  She definitely has outstanding genes when it comes to the quality of her skin!

Her saliva is still very thick and continues to cause her difficulties.  Apparently this is normal and we hope will pass soon.  Because it is so thick and she cannot swallow well, she needs to cough and spit it out.  Not much fun at all.  It can actually be frightening for her - as she senses herself choking.  She is such a "trooper"!

She has good days and slow days, something we can expect for awhile.  We will be seeing two of her doctors this week.  Dr. Knister on Wednesday morning and Dr. Mirda on Friday.  I know they will both be very pleased with her recovery progress.

We await the blooming of the Tulip Tree ..... she looks forward to this each and every year.  It's almost as though we know when it blooms, that will be when it is time for her to "step outside".  Sunday Mass will be one of her first outings.

We definitely have many prayers of thanks to give!


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