Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22nd - The Story of the Tulip Tree

Some of you may know the story of Grandma's Tulip Tree, but for those that do not - we would like to share with you the miracle of the Tulip Tree.

Mom and her sister's Jean, Margaret and Marty, had a brother that was born on February 22, 1929 - his name was John Anthony Bertain.  John died at the very young age of 7 on February 27, 1936.

With the money in his savings account, Grandma and Grandpa purchased a tulip tree and planted it at their home on Jefferson Street.  The tree bloomed each year on the week of his birthday.  When they moved to Green Valley Road in 1952, the tulip tree was taken with them.  That following year in February, the tree bloomed one week late.

In November of 1985 when Grandma moved in with Mom on Beckworth Drive, they transplanted the tree once more, to be with Grandma.  The tree continued to bloom within a few days of his birthday each and every year.

When Mom began this journey last November, it struck me that the tulip tree would be blooming about the same time she would be finishing her treatments and on her road to recovery.

Today is February 22nd - John's birthday - and the first blossom is opening up on this beautiful, sunshining day!  It has always seemed miraculous to me that this tree blooms on or near this day each year.



  1. Thank you for sharing

    "The Miracle of the Tulip Tree" story.

    It's the miracles in life that help me/us keep praying and hanging in there when life is not easy.

    I'm so glad to be part of this amazing family!

  2. This story is beautiful, and came at a good time for me!! Thank you for sharing.....wish I could be there to see. I am so thankful Grams is healing well. I think of you all often!

    Mary Frances

  3. Having known Mary for quite a long time now, I knew the story of this beautiful tree. It is nice to see the whole story in writing, not only for those who didn't know it but also for those of us who have heard it before.
    Happy healing Mary.
    John and Lore