Friday, February 25, 2011

Sunshine, Rain, Wind and ..... Snow??

The local meteorologists say we may see snow at sea level tonight!  How crazy is that??  Currently it is about 50 degrees, sunny with patchy clouds.  We will keep you posted about that snow.....

Mom has had a very good week.  It started out on Sunday with some uncomfortable neuropathy in her hands and feet, but that has since passed.  The skin on her neck continues to heal nicely.  She is getting good rest at night and takes frequent naps throughout the day.  When she is awake, her spirits are bright!  We just love seeing this!!

Bridge Buddies
Elaine Waechtler, Mom and Joyce Brown
Thursday, February 24th

The doctor visits with Knister and Mirda both went well.  They were pleased to see her excellent progress.  They pretty much told us to "keep up the good work" and "we'll see you again in a few weeks".  The process of CT Scans will begin in about 1 month.  They need to wait for the site where the tumor WAS to completely heal first.  Otherwise, the pictures would not be clear and show too much inflammation and scaring.

And so ...... our job is to patiently wait and rest and heal.

Next week, we will have visits with Dr. Manubens (cardiologist) and Dr. Ryan (UCSF- ENT).  Mom also has an appointment for late March to consult with a Speech Therapist for swallowing.

Happy Friday to Everyone,

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  1. Hi Grandma,
    I'm so glad that you are healing so quickly! Of course, no one down here is surprised! You are one tough cookie and I love bragging about you to everyone I can. :)

    The snow is supposed to get down to 1000 feet here. It is so cold - but I've become a SoCal wimp. (Mom and Dad are too!!!)

    Thanks for sharing Mom with us this weekend - the boys and I are excited to have her home for the weekend. They can't wait to have some ribs!!

    We love you and look forward to reading more good news every week!
    Love, Kim