Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Morning and Happy March 1st!

Mom has been doing very well the last few days.  She has been sleeping well at night and continues to rest comfortably during the day.

Sunday was especially rewarding as she rooted Jeff on to victory at Phoenix!!!  Way to go Jeff!!!!

Today, we went to 8:45 am Mass at St. Apollinaris.  This is the first Mass she has attended since Thanksgiving Day.  There is only a small crowd at this Mass, so we were in and out quickly, with little fuss.

Tuesday, March 1st - heading into Mass
The weather has been clear, but cold here in Napa.  Yesterday, Jose was here working in the yard.  Mom went out to supervise the repair of an arbor in the backyard, as well as to take in a few rays of sunshine!

Watching Jose as he works in her garden
The agenda for the remainder of the week will be doctor visits with Manubens on Thursday and Ryan on Friday.  I shall report back following those appointments.


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