Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

It is with a sad heart that we have to "restart" this blog for Mom.  By now, most of you know that she saw Dr. Ryan at UCSF on May 26th.  This was a scheduled follow up visit after her first CT scan.  The scan was clear, however, he found a suspicious spot while checking her throat with an endoscope camera.

Because of what he saw, he felt it would be prudent surveillance to do a biopsy to verify if this was scar tissue or cancer.  The biopsy was performed early this morning at Mt. Zion.  Examination of the cells under a microscope at the time of the procedure indicate cancer.  Positive confirmation will take about a week, but Dr. Ryan and the pathologist felt very sure it was indeed cancer.

Physically Mom handled the hour long procedure wonderfully.  After her discharge from Mt. Zion, we went across the street to Dr. Ryan's clinic to discuss her case further.  His initial opinion today is that this cancer is still "beatable", but with surgery.  He will be taking her case before the cancer board within the week for further review.

As of this posting, we do not have a clear course of action to report to all of you.  For now - we ask for your prayers and support.  I will resume updating this blog as new information developes.



  1. I love you grams!!!!

  2. So they say,

    "We are never given more than we can handle"

    I guess that it is love that gets us through the challenges...

    Love. Love. Love.

  3. :( I love you grandma and know you can overcome this just like you've spent overcoming a whole pilefull of other challenges.

  4. haha... spent...a lifetime...overcoming