Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tentative Schedule

We received word yesterday from Dr. Ryan that Mom's surgery is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco.

This actually works well for Mom in many aspects.  Dr. Ryan will still be able to do the surgery, as he is leaving on the 30th for a two month vacation - and it will be at the preferred site of Mt. Zion.   She will also be able to attend Ella's (great-grandchild/Jeff & Ingrid's daughter)  birthday party on the 25th.   Things have a way of falling into place ........

The biopsy results came in as expected - there is still a remaining area of cancer in her piriform sinus area near her left vocal cord.  The PET scan and MRI are clear which is good news, meaning there is no cancer showing anywhere else in her body.

We expect to have one final appointment prior to surgery - with the UCSF speech pathologist to review her post-operative recovery.

Thank you for all your prayers & support!!!  Keep them coming.


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  1. Hi Grandma,
    All of us are thinking about you every day hoping that it all goes well for you next week.

    We know it will because you are a fighter and it looks like you are in good hands.

    Enjoy the bday party and time with all of the family!

    Love you,