Friday, June 24, 2011

Surgery Date is Set

We have received confirmation from UCSF that Mom's surgery will be at 7:30am on Tuesday, June 28th, at Mt. Zion Hospital in San Francisco.  To make it easier for Mom, we plan to go to the city on Monday and stay the night with Sr. Anne at Rose Court.  Check in time is 6am Tuesday.

Naturally, in preparation, Mom's week has been full of appointments, visits with family and friends and other procedure preparations:

  • On Tuesday, we met with the speech pathologist, Joey McGovern, at the Helen Diller Center.  She reviewed the procedure and post-op voice recovery.  Joey has ordered Mom's electro-larynx, to be used for the first two months after surgery.
  • After that, we headed over to meet with her medical oncologist, Dr. Mirda, for his final thoughts on the surgery.  Thumbs up.
  • Wednesday, Mom had a sonogram of her carotid artery.  This was a routine post-radiation followup for arthosclerosis.
  • Our final appointment was with Dr. Dittman for a routine dental checkup
  • My daughters, Katie and Sara, arrived Monday
  • John and Carol arrived in town on Wednesday for the Nascar race at Sears Point
  • That night Cathy arrived after a long drive from Washington

Yesterday, we had a fun bbq with family and friends at my house:
Cathy, Margaret, John, Pattie and Mom

  • Today Mary Ellen flys in from Nashville 
  • And tomorrow, Mom will head out to Meadowood Resort in St. Helena to celebrate great-granddaughter - Ella's, 4th birthday

Though it might be hard to get a hold of her with all this family around (she's loving it) - please feel free to call or stop by and say hello.  Also, check back for information on the upcoming surgery and how to stay in contact with Mom during her recovery.

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  1. Mary I wish you the very best with the surgery this coming week. You are surrounded with a great group of people, your amazing family. I am so happy for you that they all are there rallying for you. Our love and prayers are with you as well.
    Much love, John and Lore