Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Stronger Everyday

Mom has settled into her home wonderfully.  It's so great for her to be in her own environment, surrounded by her own things.

One of the goals following surgery is to build her strength back up.  Physical therapy began yesterday with visits from St. Joseph's Home Health Care.  She will work with both physical and occupational therapists at home until she is ready for outpatient care. 

The best kind of therapy is her garden!  Tom comes over multiple times everyday and has been absolutely terrific at getting her to walk, walk, walk.  He patiently takes her around the yard, even walking up and down the street to check out what is going on in the neighborhood.

Mom and Tom in the yard
Next week, we will begin our visits with her physicians.  Monday we go to her primary care doctor, Dr. Jewell.  Tuesday we go to San Francisco and meet with an audiologist and Dr. Wang, the ENT covering for Dr. Ryan while he is on vacation.  On Wednesday, we check in with Dr. Manubens - her cardiologist.  We also have an appointment in a couple of weeks with the local ENT, Dr. Healy.

In between all of this, St. Joseph's Home Health Care will be providing visits from physical & occupational therapists as well as biweekly visits from their nursing staff.

She really has enjoyed the visits from her family and friends. I would encourage anyone locally to feel free to stop in for a visit!


  1. Thank you for sharing the posts Pattie. Our love to mom! What a great family...

  2. Welcome back to Napa Mary. I'll pop in to see you sometime. Lore

  3. So glad you have settled in! Mom said she took care of your flowers and they are beautiful! The weather here has been perfect....nice and sunny but not too warm. Continue to get better. I love you!

    Mary frances