Thursday, July 21, 2011

There's no place like home!

Words cannot describe how wonderful it felt today to take Mom home to Napa!!

Mom with Dr. Cheng, reviewing discharge instructions
 Dr. Cheng was one of the many wonderful Resident Doctors at Mt. Zion that oversaw Mom's daily care.  She, along with Dr. Burke, Dr. Pross and Dr. Sidel were absolutely the kindest, most attentive physicians a patient could ever ask for.  We all appreciated their diligence in seeing that Mom received the very best of care.

Mom and Jamie - one of the excellent nurses on 5 North
 Mom had many, many outstanding nurses during her stay on 5 North, as well as in ICU.  Today, Jamie was on duty for her discharge.  These men and women became like family to us over the course of 24 or so days at Mr. Zion.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - you all are exceptional caregivers and we will never, ever forget you!!

Mom and her surgeon - Dr. William Ryan, MD

Without a doubt - Dr. Ryan - has become a very, very special friend to Mom.  She has always been able to bond with her physicians and Dr. Ryan has definitely become one of her all-time favorites.  This man, on his own time while on vacation - continued to visit Mom in the hospital following her surgery.  He stopped in today before she was discharged to give her those special added words of encouragement.  Thank you Dr. Ryan - we all wish you and your bride-to-be many, many years of happiness!

She is FINALLY home!

Now this is napping!!


  1. Grams,

    So very glad you are home! I am amazed and inspired daily by your strength and endurance! I love you very much and hope you continue to excel!!
    Thanks patti and margaret for keeping us all updated.....

    Mary frances

  2. Mary,
    I am so glad you are home. You look great in your chair. It must feel good. Sleep well tonight. I missed not visiting you tonight. Margaret and Pattie it was wonderful to have you with us. You have been so loving and caring. Continued prayers for all of you. love you, Marty

  3. Yay!!!! So Glad you are back home!!!

  4. What an accomsplishment. Grongratulations Mary for sailing right through such a daunting task.
    Lots of love and best wished for continued good healing.
    and John too

  5. hi mary, pattie, and margaret! 5 north certainly hasn't been the same without you. what a wonderful blog and i am so happy to hear your news and see your pictures. hope everything has been going well and that you're enjoying the fresh air and time with the family since discharge. meeting you three really touched me, as well as many others here and i am grateful for that. thanks again for my snazzy pin, mary, it looks hot on my black blazer:) much love and continue to get better.
    love, nurse jamie