Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tentative Discharge Has Been Scheduled!!! Hooray!!!!

Tomorrow, Thursday July 21st, just might be the day Mom gets to go home!  All is looking good as of this posting.  The doctors are all pleased with how her week has gone and feel she is ready to leave the hospital.

The feeding tube problems are not completely resolved but they have improved.  If it needs additional attention, we can deal with that as an "out-patient".

When we are discharged, we hope to walk (or roll in a wheelchair) across the street and meet with an audiologist.  After that - we will be heading to Napa - hooray!!!

Tell me - does she look comfortable to you?

Taking a nap around this place can be challenging


  1. Nap in the hospital? That's like trying to sleep on an airplane...

    Let's see, roses, sunshine, quiet, more flowers, your own bed! There is no place like home. Not long now mom.

    The ride across the Golden Gate, and gazing at the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa Valley is healing.

    It's good to be alive.

    I appreciate every bite of a strawberry, and swallow of water. And, I quit complaining about stuff.

    I honor my mother,
    Mary Ellen

  2. I guess you do what you have to do but I do not see any great comfort in that day after day. Everything will turn around when she is in her own bed. Welcome back to Napa.
    Love, Lore

  3. Grandma,
    We are so excited for your return to Napa! I know that being surrounded by all of the "comforts of home" will help you have a quicker recovery.

    You are definitely "One Tough Chick" and those wardens of yours have done an amazing job!

    We love you!
    Kim, Ken, Zack, and Tyler

  4. G-ma-

    I'm so glad you are finally heading back home!!! I was glad we could come and visit and I'm looking forward to seeing you (BACK HOME) again soon!

    Love you!