Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday, Mom was able to visit with her sister Marge via SKYPE.  For anyone that has access to the Internet and has a webcam - this will be the perfect way to communicate with Mom when she returns home.

She spent about 45 minutes on the video call with Marge - she really enjoyed it!!  With ear buds she can hear the sound and watch video through the computer.  It's such a wonderful way to stay in touch with her family and friends.  I would encourage all of you to consider this as a tool to visit with Mom remotely.

Mom visiting with Marge via Skype (Monday 7/18)

We are all brainstorming on finding the best communication solutions for Mom.  The biggest challenge we will have is the telephone.  There are systems in place for the speech impaired, however we would like to try and find something better!  If anyone has ideas - please feel free to email them to me:  pattie.hbs@gmail.com

On the topic of her recovery ..... things are moving along.  We are anticipating discharge at the end of the week.  They are still watching that darn feeding tube.  She seems to be absorbing more and more of the nutrition and we are working towards the transition of care to home.  Margaret and I will be there full-time and we will also have a Home Health nurse stop in to check on things.


  1. Hi Grandma,

    We are happy to hear of your continued progress. We look forward to skypeing with you in the coming weeks.

    Love you,
    John Jr, Tina and Sydni

  2. So happy you able to scype with your sister,Marge.
    I have skype, but too timid to use it. Maybe sometime soon. Hugs, H

  3. Mi Mary. So happy to hear about your Skype experience. We are doing all our phone calls to Germany on Skype. Since our sibling do not have computers, we can call computer to landline. Keep on improving. See you in Napa.