Friday, July 15, 2011

A Real Trooper!

Mom has had consecutive good days this week.  She is walking a lot and awake more hours during the day, though she must be exhausted from all the "busyness" surrounding her.

It appears that her PEG tube situation will be addressed soon.  There continues to be too much leakage and not enough absorption by her stomach.  The likely action will be that the IR doctors will put a jejunostomy tube into her stomach at a different location from her first tube.  They will remove the temporary catheter, put in place this past week, and let that site heal closed.  We are waiting for the IR doctors to examine her to see if their department can do this.  This would be the least "invasive" procedure for her.

We are hoping this will be done sooner than later, as this is what is preventing her from returning to Napa.  I will update this topic as we know more.

Mom is incredible.  She has fought through all of the obstacles with such amazing courage!  Her mind is sharp as a tack and she does not miss anything.  She has adapted to her lack of speech very quickly, fervently writing on boards clearly...... what she is thinking, what she wants and how she feels.  We are developing our own signals and expressions to communicate - at times it is actually quite fun!!  No doubt this is very depressing for her at times, but when needed - she pulls her spirits up and gives us a big smile and clever wink.

Besides the writing boards and signals, she has been Skyping and using Face Time with family.   The Internet is WONDERFUL - as it allows her to stay in touch with so many of you.

Thank you for all the and email messages.  And most especially, thank you for all the loving prayers - keep them coming!


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  1. Another good day yippee. Get that feeding tube under control and she is on her way. Looking forward to making eye contact with you again, Mary. Love and prayers, Lore