Friday, July 15, 2011


Mom spent this afternoon working with the Occupational Therapist, walking the halls and "chatting" on her wipe off boards.  It's been a good Friday.

Mom working with Kim this afternoon
She did very well today with her walking.  She can manage without the walker, just pushing her IV pole.

Mom and I out for a walk

While making our rounds of the ward, we stopped for this shot in front of a board with photographs of all the nurses on 5 North - her new group of friends!

Margaret, Mom and I with photos of the wonderful nursing staff

This one is for Katie and Sara (heehee)

This evening, Cathy came down for a nice visit and the three of us played a few hands of Pinochle.  Mom and I thought for sure we could beat Cathy - but she had the highest score after a few hands!! (and that was after not having played in 15 years).  Mom was again sharp as a tack, not missing a trick!!

She is now resting, watching one of her favorite TV shows - Blue Bloods

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  1. Thanks, great post. Mary's progress is just so encouraging. I am happy for all of you.
    Love, Lore