Saturday, July 2, 2011


Mom is progressing really well.  It's about 10:30 on Saturday morning (7/2) - the doctors have been in to check on her and are once again pleased with how she is doing.

Yesterday was a day full of ups and downs.  On the positive note; she was up most of the day in a chair and also walked around the ward.  All of this upright movement is good for her airways and circulation.  The activity led to a restful night.

It can be quite frightening for her at times with all of the strangers surrounding her, the unknowns of how the laryngectomy affects her and just the overall overwhelming sense of change.  She is handling it all like


There have been some post surgical issues that the doctor are "on top of" continuously.  Having prior heart, lung and kidney problems make a major procedure like this a bit more challenging - but they have been outstanding in their care and follow up, closely monitoring every minor symptom and change.

She will be getting up and walking around soon and will have more physical therapy later in the day.

She is sending her waves of hello and thank you to all of you!



  1. Hi grams!! Just wanted to say hi and tell you how proud of you I am!! You are an inspiration to all of us!! I love you!!

    Mary frances

  2. Great reports. It is good to hear that most of her day is positive. I am sure it is frightening for all when little issues come up but in the meantime, you all are champs at this. Best wishes for continued good progress. Happy Fourth.