Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Very Good Day

Another day is coming to a close, another day moving forward in her healing and another day closer to returning home.  Each day, as difficult as they are, Mom is regaining her stability and strength. 

It truly does amaze all of us just how incredibly strong she is.  She can be at a "level 5" of pain (which is a 10 for the rest of us), on the verge of tears - and a few minutes later - she is able to dig down deep and find a reason to smile and even laugh.

Mom and her four daughters
 In the picture above, you can see the HME filtration hose that I mentioned in an earlier post.  This has really helped to keep the secretions in her lungs moist, making it easier for her to cough.

Mom had a visit from my husband Tim today, and later in the afternoon watched the Nascar Sprint Cup race, cheering Jeff on to a 6th place finish - while at the same time getting text messages updating her on James' status at his weekly race.  She doesn't want to miss out on anything her family is doing!

Tomorrow is Sunday - hard to believe she has progressed SO FAR since the surgery on Tuesday.

Thank you for all the love and prayers - keep them coming!



  1. Hi Grandma,
    Great race today! We watched bits and pieces of it with dad and our friends. Everyone in Long Beach is sending you their thoughts and prayers for a strong recovery.

    Love, Kim

  2. Here is today's generous portion of love and prayers. Keep up the good work Mary. Your strength is nothing short of amazing.
    Love, John and Lore