Sunday, July 31, 2011

Walking, walking, walking .....

Mom has been doing really great the last few days since my last post.  Each day is a similar routine from the previous day.

It's all about healing and getting stronger.  The incision area from the surgery has healed wonderfully.  The PEG tube is holding nutrition really well, which means we are getting lots of calories into her - to help with the healing and strength building.

Walking is the best for her, which we encourage her to do frequently.  Today is a breezy but sunny day here in Napa.  Look - no walker, just a cane!

Mom and Tom walking down Beckworth Drive

Visitors are welcome!  During this phase, until she can be more independently mobile - her days are spent quietly at home.  It brightens her day to have company - so please don't hesitate to stop in for a quick visit.

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  1. mary, you look WONDERFUL!!!!!!! so glad to hear that the feeding tube is working well and that your incision is healing great too. we got your beautiful card and see's candy box today at the nursing station. how thoughtful <3
    much love, nurse jamie xo