Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Mom's bridge group has been absolutely wonderful to her.  They have been coming once a week to play a few hands of bridge for the past several weeks.  Elaine Waechtler, Joyce Brown, Verna Kerr, Hilde Schrette, and Lore Duser - thank you ladies!!!!  Mom eagerly looks forward to your visits each week and is hoping to join you next month in playing at the usual gathering.

Mom, Hilde, Lore and Verna

On Monday we met with Dr. Healey here in Napa.  This is our local ENT.  The doctors at UCSF wanted Mom to "check in" with them so they were "up-to-speed" with her current status.  Dr. Healey had just moved into her beautiful new offices!

We saw Dr. Wang yesterday, he checked the fistula and reviewed her labwork.  He had decided not to do the Swallow Test just yet.  The leak is slowly getting better and we will continue to care for this at home and return to the clinic to be checked weekly.

Her labs showed an elevated Thyroid, so they have adjusted her medications accordingly.  Dr. Ryan removed a portion of her Thyroid gland during the Laryngectomy.  The Synthroid medication will need to be monitored in the future to be sure this hormone is in balance.  Having it at the proper level will aid in her bodies' ability to heal.

Tomorrow, we check in with her PCP, Dr. Jewell.

We are all looking forward to the Labor Day Weekend.  Sr. Anne will be home in Napa for a needed rest and visit with family.  Mom always looks forward to her visits.


  1. Thank you for the update.

    Glad to see the ladies visiting for bridge.

    Love you all so much!

  2. Home again after our little bridge session. It was fun being your partner Mary. Thanks for lending me the cute little towel-lady. I will go shopping for the stuff needed and then attempt to make one.
    Love, Lore