Saturday, August 27, 2011


Mom has been doing very well the last week or so, despite the reappearance of the leak she had back in the hospital. 

Today she and Margaret did some shopping!  Here are a few pictures from their excursion.

You gotta love Kohl's discounts!

Another white top - Mom, lets go for some color!

Stripes, now there's some jazz!!!

How she loves to shop - just what she needs ..... more clothes!!

We made an unscheduled trip to San Francisco on Thursday due to some fluids escaping from her incision.  Dr. Burke troubleshooted this to be saliva leaking through a fistula somewhere along her esophagus.  We go back on Tuesday for a Barium Swallow Test.  This will define exactly where the leak is and just how big it is.  They will develop their plan of attack for the leak after reviewing the results from the test.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love me some shopping! Glad to hear your out and about! Hope you had a good weekend.....

    Mary frances

  2. Good for you Mary, some new threats. I should follow you lead and get something new too. Glad to see you looking so well. It is amazing how you cope with all the little setbacks that come your way. Your loyal kids are nothing short of amazing as well.