Monday, August 8, 2011

Hearing has improved!

Mom saw the Joel Duguay today at Microtone to have her hearing aids adjusted.  It was a success!!  It was actually quite impressive to see how it was done.  Since Mom has digital aids, he was able to connect them to his computer while they were in her ears.  He loaded his special program, displayed it onto a huge flat screen tv and slowly, methodically tweaked the decibel level input for each ear to a level which was most comfortable to Mom.

When we left - Mom could hear!!!  Yay!!!!

She gets stronger and stronger everyday, using the cane only when she is outdoors.  She just came in from picking roses in the backyard.  She cut a huge bouquet to arrange for the house.  I am sure many will be given out to visitors  :)

Tomorrow morning, we expect a visit from Msgr Joe of St. Apollinaris.  Later in the afternoon, her bridge group will be by to play a few hands of cards. 

It's wonderful to see her socializing again!


  1. Yup, we'll be there within the hour. Looking forward to some challenging bridge.