Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Mom's best physical therapy has been walking.  Each day, she goes out front for a walk along the sidewalk.  First, down to the Hardister's house and back to home.  Then she goes in the other direction, down to the Yeske's and finally back home.  In the beginning she was very cautious, but now she walks standing tall with confidence.  We just returned from the afternoon walk. 

She had a nice visit from her friend Hildie Schrette earlier, who brought her some goodies from Napa's Relay For Life, which was held last weekend.  Mom usually attends this event but just wasn't strong enough to go this year.  Next year, for sure we will be there!

This past week was busy, but productive for Mom.  Next week, she only has one appointment - with Microtone for a hearing aid adjustment - let's hope they can get them working so she can hear better!

Have a great weekend!


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